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DIY Party Utensil Chandelier

Posted by Mandie M on

These easy and fun do-it-yourself party chandeliers are the perfect decor accessories to your tea party or cafe themed event! Add some drama, whimsy, and glamour to your next party with this simple easy to follow guide on how to create your perfect party cutlery chandelier, and get some inspiration ideas from other parties.





You need at least 2-3 hoops with different diameters for a tiered effect, or just use one for a more simple look. You can also use another similar circular item that's not wooden such as a metal or plastic hoop. Or, opt for the squared or rectangular hoops for a more modern look.



At least 2-3 sets of cutlery(36-48 pieces), depending on the size and fullness desired. Choose between beautifully shiny metallic utensils, plain colorful plastics, or go for a rustic wooden look.



Choose a sturdy fabric or stain ribbon, in whichever pattern or coloring suits your theme and design.This is used as an optional finishing edge around the wooden hoops to hide the wood, and also to assemble and hang the chandelier.
The quantity you'll need will depend if you choose to use this as an edging as well or simply to hang the chandelier. 



Any standard hot glue gun from a craft supply store


Any additional decorative pieces you wish to add to enhance your party theme, such as Satin flowers, seashells, or beads.






Take your wooden hoops, and if you choose, cover the exterior with the ribbon edging.



This step is to assemble wooden hoops into tiers. Firstly, you'll need to measure the length of your forks. Typically, they are about 6-7.5" long, but they do vary. Then, cut 3 pieces of ribbon to be the same length as your fork. Then, using the hot glue gun, glue one side of the ribbon vertically into the interior of the hoop, leaving the large tail hanging down. Repeat this 2 more times, evenly spreading the ribbons so they are evenly divining the hoop into 3 sections.



Take the hanging pieces of ribbons which are attached to the larger hoop, and glue the ends into the interior of the middle sized hoop, in evenly spaced sections. Once the glue is dry, this should allow the hoops to hold together, and cause the tiered effect.



Follow step 2 and 3 again IF NECESSARY, to add a final 3rd tier. You'll need to cut and glue 3 new pieces of fork length ribbon to the interior middle hoop, and attach it to the interior of the smallest hoop.



Now, starting the the largest hoop, begin by taking your hot glue gun, and gluing the tip of the fork handle with a small pea sized amount of glue, with the prongs facing downwards. Adhere the fork tip to the wooden ring, and let set for 5-10 seconds.



Repeat the previous process by gluing a spoon and then a knife by the tip of the handle, all facing downwards, in a pattern. You can choose to space them very closely together for a fuller look, or more spread apart if you plan on adding decorative touches in between the utensils.



Once the full hoop is covered with the hanging utensils, repeat steps 2 and 3 with the remaining hoops until all the hoops are covered.



Once all the hoops have the utensils glued in, you can choose to add some decorative touches, such as satin flowers or hanging beads.



Hang the chandelier by using 3 more pieces of ribbon, which is cut to your desired length. Glue the 3 pieces of ribbon once again in even sections into the interior of the largest hoop. Tie the 3 ribbon ends together in a knot.


VOILA! Hang your beautiful chandelier and enjoy!

Be sure to share your party and DIY projects with us @prim_and_prairie, we love to see your creativity come to life!



Check out these amazing and unique chandeliers to get your party and DIY inspiration!


By: Sweetly Chic Events & Design





These fun wooden chandeliers are the perfect touch for this pizza themed birthday done by the talented Anders Ruff .

wood cutlery diy party chandelierWooden Cutlery diy chandelier


Happy partying!

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