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How to plan a Bridal Shower

Posted by Mandie M on

How To Plan A Bridal Shower : A French Parisian Inspired Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are a fun and exciting way to honor and celebrate a bride and her upcoming nuptials. However, those tasked with planning a bridal shower can find it to be pretty overwhelming and stressful. Don't fret, our bridal shower checklist will help you to sort through some of the daunting details and help you plan the perfect event for the bride to be! Below are some questions to consider in the first stages of planning.

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What is a bridal shower?

A bridal shower is an event which honors and celebrates the bride to be on her upcoming nuptials. It's typically a female only event, with the brides female friends and family in attendance. However, more and more people are throwing "jack and jill" bridal showers, where both men and women, as well as the bride and groom attend.

Traditionally, a shower was intended to help out the young couple who was likely just starting out, and didn't yet have a home. Therefore, friends and family would gather together and host a gift giving party to give the couple household necessities they typically wouldn't otherwise have. Tableware, china dishes, glassware and crystal, cookware, home decor, and other household items were typically gifted at showers to help get the couple started on their new journey. Times have changed and things have evolved, however the tradition of a bridal shower has stuck. Many couples now create "gift registries" online to show the guests the items they don't yet have and would like to receive, or some couples choose to have no gifts at all, or you can put a fun twist on the traditional shower with a "lingerie only" shower should the bride opt out of traditional gifts.

Who plans a bridal shower?

Whoever wants to! Sometimes it's the bridesmaids and bridal party who put on and host the shower, while other times the mother of the bride or groom may want to host. Many brides may have multiple wedding showers as different groups of friends or family come forward and offer to host an event. Each bride and wedding is unique, and therefore each bridal shower is different! If multiple people come forward and want to host, consider planning a shower together and co-hosting the event.

What kind of vibe does the bride want?

What is the type of feel that would best compliment the bride and her personality? Would she like a formal and structured event? A themed event or a casual and low key back yard party? There's no right way to honor the bride at her shower, but the best way to ensure she loves it is to keep her style and taste in mind. After all, the party is for her.

Where to host a bridal shower?

The choice is yours, you can host an elegant and sophisticated event at a banquet hall, country club, or restaurant with a private room. But a thoughtfully put together event in someones home or back yard can be just as beautiful and sophisticated. The number of guests, budget, and vibe of the party will be the deciding factor in determining where to host the shower. So consider planning your guest list and your anticipated budget before confirming the venue!

Who should be invited to a shower?

There's various opinions on this and its really a personal matter. There's also cultural differences which could impact the guest list. Some believe you should only invite those whom are going to be invited to the wedding, while others don't follow that belief.  The best way to plan a guest list is to ASK THE BRIDE! Even if the particulars of the shower are a secret, sometimes it's best to just ask the bride for a guest list so everyone she wants is invited and no one important to her accidentally gets left out. 

When to have a bridal shower?

Just like mentioned above, every bride is different, and therefore every shower is different. It seems to be common to host the event 1-2 months ahead of the wedding date. This allows for the bride to write thank-you cards and have time to regroup before her big day!

Bridal Shower Food and Menu

It is customary at a bridal shower to have some sort of refreshments provided for the guests. The extent of the menu is what will differ pretty significantly. Some choose to have a sit down served meal hosted at a venue, however it is more common to see finger foods style buffets at a shower. The menu will depend on the host, but usually a light lunch with dips, tea sandwiches, and a dessert tray, along with punch, coffee, and tea is sufficient. The menu is a great way to get creative and accentuate your theme as well! For a French Parisian theme shower, serve croissants and other french pastries, along with french onion dip and french cheeses and baguette. This will be sure to impress your guests, and most importantly, the bride.

Bridal Shower Themes and Decorations

Each bride has their own personality, and therefore choose a theme (or not) that suits their taste and style. People tend to think of themes as tacky and cliché, however a theme can be executed with great style and class, it's all in the details. Forgo the  head to toe matching party decor sets in exchange for the more subdue mix and match hints of a theme throughout the event. For example, keeping with the Parisian theme, no need to have Eiffel towers and France Flags if that's not your thing. Add subtle hints of a theme by using a french saying on the invitation, black and white stripe decor, "Amour" food picks, and french themed refreshments. It can be as themed or subtle as you'd like, it's all a matter of preference. Need more theme inspo....we've got you covered. Click here for our top 10 trendy bridal shower themes !

Bridal Shower Favors

Some hosts choose to forgo party favors for the guests all together, however it is still a nice touch appreciated by guests. Keep you theme in mind, and choose something that's both personal and useful. No one likes to receive useless knickknacks, and as a host, you certainly don't want to spend money on something people will end up throwing out! The best party favors are something the guests can use and appreciate. For example, give away the brides favorite lip gloss, nail polish, or even a sachet of her favorite tea. Keeping with the french theme, you could give beautifully packaged macaroons or cookies as favors, they'll be sure to impress and they taste amazing to boot.

Need some inspiration? Below is a design board for a subtle and elegant Parisian inspired bridal shower decor. Shop these shower decor items in our shop now!


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